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December 2021

5 key points for choosing the right commercial property rental in Luxembourg

1. Choose the right retail premises to rent

Choosing retail spaces to rent is one of the favourite parts of the process for entrepreneurs, it signifies the culmination of their project or the resurgence of their business operations.

Choose your retail space in Luxembourg according to several factors:

  • Your company activity
  •  The district in which the premises are located: are you looking to rent in Luxembourg-City, in the Cloche d’or quarter, Bertrange, Dudelange, Esch-sur-l’Alzette, Differdange...?
  • The desire to develop operations in the immediate or distant future
  • The presence of other businesses in the area: this will impact your appeal, positively if they bring potential customers to the quarter or negatively if they are competitor businesses
  • Accessibility of your premises to potential customers: a premise ideally located close to road access, public transport, in the city centre… 
  • The traffic flow: is it a busy street? 

2. What activities are permitted in the commercial premises?

The activities permitted in a commercial space vary greatly and apply to a number of sectors of activity. Included among these activities are commercial, industrial and artisanal activities.
To do this, trade register registration is required.
Commercial activities consist of the purchase of goods for resale and the sale of commercial services.

3. Location, location, location!

When renting a commercial space in Luxembourg, location is one of the most important factors as it will determine the success of the business and develop its reputation. 
Conducting market research and determining strategic locations are therefore essential if you want to guarantee the success of your activities. Also make enquiries about the rental prices of nearby retail traders.
Your commercial premises must also be well integrated into the district and congruent with the neighbourhood life surrounding your premises.

4. Top tips for visits to premises!

The time has come to view premises!
Be prepared so that you view the premises under the best possible conditions.

  • Feel free to ask all the questions that come to mind
  • Closely examine the condition of the premises so you don’t have any unwelcome surprises
  • Establish whether the premises suit your needs and are compatible with your project
  • Picture yourself and your business there 
  • Create a plan with the possible layout design

If the commercial space meets your needs and expectations, then all you need to do sign your commercial lease contract.

5. Understanding a commercial lease

The following information is required for the commercial lease contract when leasing commercial space:

  • The name and address of the lessor and lessee
  • The type of business or activities that will take place within the premises
  • The lease amount and charges
  • The method for paying the lease
  • The right to renew the lease
  • The security deposit amount
  • The lease duration
  • The method for termination of the lease

So, now you’re ready to find the ideal retail space to rent

Consult our updated list of retail areas, stores, units or tangible and intangible assets of businesses available throughout Luxembourg, as well as Luxembourg-City, Walferdange, Contern, Dudelange, Differdange, Esch-sur-Alzette....


5 key points for choosing the right commercial property rental in Luxembourg